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Happy Hand

He teaches everyone to be content, blissful, in high spirits, have a positive attitude, and to remember the glass is always half full.

Pretty Hand

She helps develop self-awareness, self-confidence, charisma, and integrity.

Helpful Hand

He provides assistance by teaching manners, sharing, being friendly, cooperating, and building lasting relationships.

Safety Hand

He promotes well-being, security, and protecting yourself from accidents and harmful situations.

Smarty Hand

He encourages everyone to be diligent in their schoolwork and make good decisions.

Sporty Hand

He is the healthiest hand. He encourages everyone to eat right, get exercise, and be a good sport.

Sportette Hand

She teaches everyone to give their best effort everytime. A fierce competitor, even the boys want her on their team.

Thankful Hand

She teaches everyone about gratitude and the importance of having a spiritual connection to the universe and others around them.