Little Author Shares Tall Tale

TUCSON- The two-day Tucson Festival of Books closed another chapter Sunday, but many are still talking about one author in particular.

Lauryn Marie Burks, a 2nd grader, is from Cincinnati, Ohio. She wrote her first story book at age five. She’s now published a second children’s book, titled “My 100 Hands Go To School.”

Lauryn’s dad, Rob Burks said it’s an imaginative story about the first day of school and how having extra hands could be helpful, but sometimes get you into trouble.

“From start to finish. Every word in this book is hers,” said Rob Burke. “I made is grammatically correct. She was five, so I typed it. But I left it at what she said.”

Since 2012, Lauryn has sold 3,000 books.

The now 8-year-old is working on her third book.

Her father attended this year’s festival, on her behalf, and held a reading Saturday morning. The family felt it was important for Lauryn not to miss school.

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona