About Pretty Hand Goes To Paris™

Child author Lauryn Burks has done it again! At age 9, she has released her third book of the series called Pretty Hand Goes To Paris.

We last followed Lauryn’s vivid imagination to school on the first day of the new school year in My 100 Hands Go To School. We learned all about the 8 main characters in The 100 Hands, particularly Happy Hand, who’s well-intentioned shenanigans resulted in a trip the Principal’s office.

In Lauryn’s latest tale of adventure, we get to know more about Pretty Hand, another one of the main characters in The 100 Hands. Pretty Hand really likes all kinds of artistic projects and has learned about an art contest in Paris France. Lauryn narrates the loads of fun they experience in their travels. Once in Paris, Lauryn and Pretty Hand meet Emma, who is struggling with her artwork. Always willing to lift a child’s self-esteem and instill confidence in them, Pretty Hand helps Emma overcome her challenges and finish the contest.

About My 100 Hands Go To School™

Upon seeing her first story come to life, Lauryn’s imagination went into overdrive. She imagined that The 100 HandsTM were going to school with her on the first day of the new year. She created a true storyline with a setting, characters, plot, etc. all on her own. As parents, it was awesome to witness the magic happen.

In My 100 Hands Go To School we get to know the personalities of 8 of The 100 Hands. Especially, Happy HandTM who loves to see everyone around him is having fun. Unfortunately, Happy Hand has a little too much fun and finds himself in the Principal’s office, on the first day of school. Does he learn his lesson? Read along to find out and discover your favorite character. Will it be Pretty HandTM because of her gorgeous smile? Maybe the Healthy Hand TwinsTM, SportyTM and SportetteTM, will spark your inner athlete? Whichever you choose, remember to let your imagination lead you, as you join Lauryn in her tale of fun in My 100 Hands Go To School.

About My 100 Hands™

What if you had so much to do that 2 hands were not enough? Would you invite all of your friends over to help? Would you bribe your brother or sister to do it for you? Would you wish that Mom and Dad would just say you didn’t have to do it? Well, Lauryn Marie Burks knows what to do. She would have her 100 Hands do it for her.

One day when Lauryn was just five years old, her dad was in a hurry for her to get dressed. As he was barking orders, like the typical hurried parent, Lauryn was day-dreaming, like the typical kid. She was wishing that she had 100 hands to help her get ready. She went on to tell her parents about all of the things she would do, if she had 100 Hands. They recorded her thoughts, made minimal, grammatical corrections, and published them in the children’s book called My 100 Hands. Follow along with Lauryn’s fun-filled imagination, as she describes how to put her friendly little hands to work and make life easier, in My 100 Hands.